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NKT A_S issued prospectuses and initiated rights issue_25 When fees are exercised, they are not taxed. As with a regular purchase of securities, the tax is made when the warranty is sold. The cost base of the shares is “the reference price plus the taxable base for the rights exercised.” [3] The period of detention begins on the date of the exercise. [3] [4] Rights may be signed. The insurer`s role is to ensure that the funds requested by the company are mobilized. The agreement between the insurer and the company is stipulated in a formal insurance agreement. The typical underwriting conditions require the insurer to subscribe all shares that are offered but are not supported by shareholders. The insurance policy will normally allow the insurer to terminate its obligations in certain circumstances. A sub-insurer, on the other hand, subscribes to some or all of the obligations of the principal insurer; the insurer transfers its risk to the sub-insurer by requiring the sub-insurer to sub-insurer to sub-subscribe or acquire a portion of the shares for which the insurer must subscribe or acquire shares subject to the underwriting obligation in the event of default. Subcontractors and subcontractors may be financial institutions, stockbrokers, large shareholders of the company or other related or independent parties. 1) Trading shares after the last trading day in existing shares, including pre-emption rights on November 20, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. P.m. CET is exclusively related to the buyer`s pre-emption rights, unless the parties to the relevant trade have taken steps to regulate trading with VP Securities A/S prior to the pre-emption rights award period of November 24, 2020 at 5:59 p.m, and have therefore chosen not to settle the usual settlement cycle two days after the transaction date.

The calendar of major events related to the issue of rights is as follows: if the offer is withdrawn, any exercise of measures already is automatically cancelled. The amount of the subscription for the new shares will be refunded (deducted from any transaction fees) to the last registered owner of the new shares at the time of the retraction. All pre-emption rights are extinguished and no new actions are issued. However, transactions on pre-emption rights made during the rights negotiation period are not affected. Investors who have acquired pre-emption rights are therefore faced with a loss corresponding to the purchase price of the pre-emption rights and the potential transaction costs. Investors who have acquired new shares are reimbursed the reference amount of the new shares (excluding any transaction fees). As a result, investors who have acquired new shares may suffer a loss corresponding to the difference between the purchase price and the purchase price of the new shares and the associated transaction costs. Common global coordinators and common bookrunners are entitled to denounce the agreement on the issue of rights in the event of exceptional events and/or unforeseen circumstances. The subscription rights agreement also contains terms of completion that the company considers as usual for offers such as the offer, and the conclusion of the offer pursuant to the subscription rights agreement is conditional on compliance with all these conditions in the subscription rights issuance agreement. If one or more completion conditions are not met, global joint coordinators and bookrunners may, at their sole discretion, terminate the rights agreement that the entity withdraws from the offer.

The entity is not liable for losses that investors may suffer as a result of the retraction of the offer, including, but not only, on transaction fees or interest lost.