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A family member, a friend, the prepaid tax plan (the custodian controls payments), etc. for tuition fees and fees are not sponsors and are not set up on a sponsorship. 15.1 The termination of this contract does not affect the rights or obligations of a party incurred at the time of that date. In the event of a breach of terms or obligations in the contract, there may also be general compensation from one party to the other. VAT – The rights holder, as the beneficiary of the royalties, generally provides a taxable benefit for VAT purposes. The fees must therefore clearly state whether they are included or not vat. If this is not specified, the fees are considered inclusive, which would reduce the amount collected by the rights holder if the amount were intended as VAT, since the holder of the rights must account for VAT to domestic income. (The VAT position is different when the rights holder or sponsor is headquartered outside the UK. If the rights holder is based in the UK but the sponsor is registered for VAT in another EU Member State, it is not subject to UK VAT. The promoter is subject to VAT in its own Member State as part of the self-iliding procedure.) A financial guarantee is required before a sponsorship is created. This guarantee can be made on the corporate letterhead, program letterhead or by completing a sponsorship application.

The following information must be provided: the treaty contains a number of provisions relating to the protection of existing intellectual property and the species; The owners of the iPR resulting from the sponsorship; and the use of the other party`s intellectual property (usually name and/or logo) for the duration of the sponsorship. 3. Total reductions on the sponsorship base covered in paragraph 1, in addition to those resulting from sponsorship transactions, must not exceed 10% of taxable revenues or profits. The treaty should also address the postponement of the event. The termination rules may vary depending on the type of sponsorship and, if applicable, additional provisions may be introduced. 4. Foreign individuals or non-resident entities that, under current legislation, the Romanian State owes a tax on income collected in Romania and carry out sponsorship or sponsorship transactions also benefit from a reduction on the basis of income tax equivalent in sponsorship or sponsorship lei, calculated at the daily exchange rate calculated in case of transfer of ownership according to the same quotas applicable to Romanian individuals or legal entities in accordance with the previous paragraphs. 10.2 During the event and then on request, the sponsor authorizes the ICAEW to provide all copies of sponsorship documents consisting of speaker biographies, presentations and presentations to delegates or participants. The parties must be able and able to conclude the agreement, i.e.: 3.1.13, in order to assist ICAO in protecting the marks of activity and not knowingly doing or provoking anything that could affect or infringe ICAO or ICAO trademarks; limiting the extent to which one of the parties may authorize third parties not related to the use of intellectual property (the owner normally wishes to authorize its use). Sponsorships are processed after the repayment semester.